Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in Carbondale CO

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

An Integrative Yoga Therapy

This integrative yoga therapy is highly effective for anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and other challenges.


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

is a beautiful body-mind-spirit approach to healing that unifies ancient yoga wisdom and client centered talk therapy. A safe space is co created through presence and intention, which allows your authentic self to show up fully. When you connect with your authentic self and the divine love that is you, healing and growth readily happen.

PRYT helps us explore the issues we hold in our tissues. When you explore these issues and lean into your “edges” on the mat, this will carry over into your day to day life. The way we show up in our body and on the mat is a direct reflection of how we show up in our relationships and in life.

The body is a crucial tool to support your journey as the body does not lie. The brain however, is often convoluted and the prefrontal cortex which is the thinking, rational, linear, organizing, planning, part of the brain goes “off line” in times of stress, anxiety, and trauma. Thus trying to rationalize and think your way through something in a state of stress, anxiety, trauma, etc., does not work well.

Like many modalities in counseling and therapy, talking has it’s limits too. What then?

In Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy:

We engage the body because and work from a bottom up approach which is highly effective. Phoenix Rising Yoga therapy helps regulate the body which helps regulate the brain. It supports connection to your own inner wisdom, offering guidance for the change you seek.

PRYT offers you an experience of yourself, and experiencing all parts of yourself is the most empowering journey there is.

PRYT sessions are done one-on-one using a thai massage mat, yoga mat, and other supportive props. A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session involves intention setting, embodied mindfulness, breathing techniques, assisted yoga postures and stretching, and integration. WFeather-Icon-3-100x100ith awareness, you can heal, integrate, and transform. As a somatic therapy, this integrative yoga therapy is highly effective for anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, eating disorders, addiction, and many other challenges.

Somatic Experiencing Therapy

Somatic Therapy


Somatic experiencing is a highly effective mind-body therapy for trauma, eating disorders, addictions, and many other challenges. Support your mental health by exploring Somatic Therapies.


Somatic Therapy

is an embodied experience that makes no distinction between body and mind. What is happening in our mind is happening in our body. The experiences we have in our body are also experienced in our mind.

There is an intricate inter-relationship between the body and mind. The body represents an enormous field of awareness and somatic experiencing embraces this truth to support client centered healing and growth.

When the mind-body are under stress and trauma, the more evolved part of the brain does not work as effective and we have a hard time thinking through, talking, and rationalizing our situation.

I know we all have experienced our self saying something similar to “I can’t believe this happened! I should not be over reacting to this, it’s not even a big deal, but…”

Despite our attempts to rationalize our positive self talk , we often find ourselves reacting and playing out old emotional patterns.

When our brain detects too much stress, overwhelm, or trauma, the fight-flight-freeze response takes over and the logical mind shuts down. The body then becomes the most important tool for transformation.

Feather-Icon-3-100x100Somatic experiencing is a highly effective mind-body therapy for trauma, eating disorders, addictions, and many other challenges.

Support your mental health by exploring Somatic Therapies.

Testimonials on Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

“Kersten has an intuitive understanding of the mindbodyspirit interface and applies
this with grace and ease in her work as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. I experienced a deep
release of low back pain in one session with Kersten. Amazing and long lasting! Phoenix Rising
Yoga Therapy is applicable for injury recovery and for regular “tune-ups!”
Rita Marsh
During my Phoenix Rising Yoga session with Kersten Wilson, she gave me the time and space to go through a very personal journey. A lot of things I said during our session I’ve never said out loud before and it was very liberating! It moved me forward in a way that talk therapy has never been able to.
Annie, age 35
“I experienced Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy after a surgery to correct a previous
inadequate surgery. It was body-mind-spirit opening, powerful and important. I thought I had
prepared for the recent surgery and recovery, and to some degree, I did and had. But what I
discovered and learned was how little attention I truly gave to what was happening on a deeper
PRYT, facilitated by Kersten Wilson, was a beautiful gift. I experienced a sacred and safe space
from which my entire being was lovingly held; a space where my physical body, my thoughts,
my emotions, and my spirit were invited and honored. Kersten was compassionately attentive
and fully present to me and my process during the entire session in every possible way. As a
result, I was able to become deeply and fully aware of places in my body mind and spirit that
were needing to be seen and heard and attended to in order to become more fully healed.
I loved the supported positions and stretches, how it felt as if I was being brought to the edges
of my being, bringing me to a place of feeling more fully alive.
PRYT with Kersten helped me realign and redefine my edges, boundaries, possibilities and
power. I left with a deeper sense of clarity around myself and in support of my healing.”
62 year old woman
“Even when our conscious mind has forgotten, our bodies remember our stories. They remember our pain, our joy, and our long forgotten childhood fantasies and freedom of expression.”

Michael Lee

Kersten Wilson, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist & Somatic Therapist

Kersten Wilson, Licensed Professional Counselor

Kersten Wilson is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. She works with kids, teens, and adults in a holistic framework with down to earth, practical tools to guide your journey. If you are ready to make a change, call today to set up your appointment.

Kersten has an office in Carbondale , CO and provides Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy & Somatic Experiencing Therapy to individuals in all of the communities in the Roaring Fork Valley including Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs, CO.

Call to schedule an appointment today!

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