Kersten Wilson Licensed Professional Counselor, Carbondale CO

Licensed Professional Counselor &
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Root To Rising Therapy was created out of a desire to have high quality services using a blend of evidenced based treatment and holistic practices, yielding integrative care. Root To Rising Therapy was inspired by the natural laws of nature, spirituality, and yoga practices. Therapy is a process of going in oneself and exploring all parts of our being, dark and light. When we go within, we create Roots and grow a strong foundation that allows us to Rise up in life. It is difficult to live a meaningful life if we don’t know who we really are and what we value. All to often we are (unconsciously) running from our self and our wounds, which creates more suffering. Therapy will guide you to slow down, wake up, and root into yourself. It is here you will remember your infinite love, beauty, and purpose. Going within will always lead you to what you are looking for…and more. 🙂

Kersten received her Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Wisconsin Stout. She is a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and works with children, teenagers, and adults. She has over a decade of working in a variety of clinical settings with evidence based education, intervention, and supervision. (Resume link here when I get it updated)

From an early age and throughout her adult life, Kersten has been fortunate to stay connected to the magic and mystery of life. With the help of many mentors, personal experiences, and a deep drive and curiosity, she has developed a strong body-mind-spirit belief system. Creating Root To Rising Therapy was in part driven by the unyielding call to align more with holistic practices and body based modalities. “It is important to me, to walk my talk and toFeather Icon 1 continue immersing myself in new experiences so I can grow and learn, because this is what I ask of my it’s fun for me! I knew it was time to stop resisting and align with my values and passions, to be of greater service.”