See What Some of My Patients Have to Say:

“Kersten really helped me with my sleep issues and getting over my fears. She went step by step and listened to my questions very

patiently. Now, because of her, I sleep much better at night. It was a great counseling experience, and I will never forget it or what she taught me. Thank you Kersten!”

9 year old boy
“I struggle with General Anxiety Disorder. Unfortunately, it is genetic. My mother and grandmother have different types of anxiety as well. I have lived with anxiety my whole life, it just has gotten worse throughout the years. There isn’t one specific thing that triggers it. Sometimes I will get panic attacks just out of the blue and it is hard to calm down. One night I had a really bad anxiety attack and one of the RAs reported it on care and that is when my therapy started. It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about myself and I find myself doing the exercises that I learned without realizing what I am doing. I find it amazing because I am learning what I can control what I have a hard time controlling. I will have to live with this for the rest of my life, but with the things that I am learning, I will be set up to cope with my anxiety.”
19 year old college female
“I experienced Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy after a surgery to correct a previous inadequate surgery. It was body-mind-spirit opening, powerful and important. I thought I had prepared for the recent surgery and recovery, and to some degree, I did and had. But what I discovered and learned was how little attention I truly gave to what was happening on a deeper level.

PRYT, facilitated by Kersten Wilson, was a beautiful gift. I experienced a sacred and safe space from which my entire being was lovingly held; a space where my physical body, my thoughts, my emotions, and my spirit were invited and honored. Kersten was compassionately attentive and fully present to me and my process during the entire session in every possible way. As a result, I was able to become deeply and fully aware of places in my body mind and spirit that were needing to be seen and heard and attended to in order to become more fully healed. I loved the supported positions and stretches, how it felt as if I was being brought to the edges of my being, bringing me to a place of feeling more fully alive.

PRYT with Kersten helped me realign and redefine my edges, boundaries, possibilities and power. I left with a deeper sense of clarity around myself and in support of my healing.”

62 year old woman
Kersten has an intuitive understanding of the mindbodyspirit interface and applies this with grace and ease in her work as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. I experienced a deep release of low back pain in one session with Kersten. Amazing and long lasting! Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is applicable for injury recovery and for regular “tune-ups!”
Rita Marsh