Adult Therapy with Kersten Wilson, Licensed Professional Counselor in Carbondale, CO


Adult Therapy: There are many reasons adults choose therapy.

Some Reasons Include: …and
  • A relationship is on the edge of dissolution
  • You’re work is not satisfying
  • You are struggling to be the parent you imagined yourself to be
  • You’re holding back and scared to live authentically and playing small is not working anymore
  • You find yourself angry or sad often
  • You’ve experienced trauma
  • You’re escaping life through substances, food, media, or other means
  • You’re struggling with the same behavior you’ve been trying to change for years
  • You’re dealing with the possibility of a mental health diagnosis or a medical condition
  • You want to learn, grow, and have a deeper experience of well being in your life

If you find yourself considering therapy, it’s likely that you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. There’s a deeper part of you that has been asking you to listen to it. This part is worth listening to, as therapy is highly beneficial in getting insight and creating change in your life.

The adult brain is very malleable, which means you are capable of reorganizing pathways and creating new connections. What this means in therapy is that those emotional and behavioral habits that cause stress and suffering can be changed.

If you’ve experienced trauma of any kind or struggle with a mental health condition, your brain is also malleable and there is hope. Your body and mind are crucial tools in supporting your recovery. Did you know that your body is communicating to you all the time and giving your answers to your questions and struggles in life?

As a somatic therapist, your body will be brought into the therapy process to further support an integrative approach to healing. Through a variety of professional and therapeutic interventions, you can evolve to be the best version of yourself.

Talking with a skilled professional is like looking into a big honesty mirror. Therapy allows you to see and hear your whole self purely; the healthy and the unhealthy. We need to have this honest self awareness of our current situation as it motivates us to change.

Our own mind is great at tricking us into denial and other maladaptive behaviors that keep us stuck in life. This is why the body is an important part of therapy as the body does not lie. Our inability to perceive things clearly with real-ize and our inability to simply feel our emotions and let them guide us, creates unneeded suffering.

We all enter into the world perfectly imperfect and beautifully unique. As we grow up in life, we get explicit and implicit messages that reinforce certain parts of our personalities. There are parts of us that we learn to hide because they are “wrong” or “bad” and certain parts we learn to embrace and strengthen because they are “good” qualities that will get us things in life.

We continue to grow up in our families, communities, cultures, ethnicities, media, etc. being shaped in healthy and unhealthy ways. Much of our life is spent unconsciously adapting to these external and internal messages, thus unintentionally hiding valuable parts of our self and becoming someone we’re not.

We’ve bought into a story that is not ours. When we do this, we create sickness in our being whether physical or emotional.

Adult Therapy helps one to wake up and be more conscious, alive and healthy in life.

Gaining insight into how the past and unconscious is driving your current behaviors offers understanding. Educating yourself on how your mind and body work offer empowerment in controlling your thoughts and emotions. Practicing new skills to rewire your brain offers real and lasting change.

Simply being seen, heard, and supported in therapy can offer self compassion and forgiveness.

Therapy is the utmost important journey in my opinion. Diving into the depths of your soul, heart, and mind, which are radically mysterious takes courage, love, and patience. What greater journey is there in life, than to intimately know the divine being you are.

Life awake, is a life full of Love. It’s time for you to start living fully. The world needs YOU.

Feather Icon 1Modalities frequently included in Adult Talk Therapy are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Somatic Therapy, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Expressive Art Therapy, and Nature Therapy.

If you need more support than therapy, we will work together to explore available options.

Kersten Wilson, Licensed Professional Counselor & Adult Therapist

Kersten Wilson, Licensed Professional Counselor

Kersten Wilson is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Adult Therapist. She works with adults in a holistic framework with down to earth, practical tools to guide your journey. If you are ready to make a change, call today to set up your appointment.

Kersten has an office in Carbondale , CO and provides Adult Therapy and counseling to adults in all of the communities in the Roaring Fork Valley including Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs, CO.

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